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Persona Trust™ is a Service Division of AYIN International, Inc. is our new Identity as a Service (IAAS) which delivers Supervised Remote In-Person Identity Proofing solutions for Online Remote Notarization, Internet of Things (IOT), Healthcare, Banking, Financial, and Government sectors. 

We've strategically deployed our patented methods and systems to support Registration Authorities (RA), Credential Service Providers (CSP), and remote claimant subscribers challenged with identity proofing, and digital identity trust credential acquisition.

Our network of Notaries Public and Trusted Agents are trained and certified based on NIST 800-63.3a Digital Identity Guidelines Enrollment and Identity Proofing.

A remote claimant subscriber joins our agents online in real time via secure audio video conference for verification of their personal identifiable information (PII) which is collected, processed, and submitted to a Registration Authority (RA) or Credential Service Provider (CSP) for authentication and digital identity trust credential issuance. It's fast, easy, compliant, and convenient!